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Alpha Electronics

Alpha Electronics is Pulsar's partner to produce smart digital displays thanks to Smar-Dis. 

Alpha Electronics Europe is an SME located at the heart of the technological and industrial pole of Louvain-La-Neuve (Université Catholique de Louvain-Belgium).


Since 1988, the company acquired experience and know-how in the electronic display field.  The electronic billboards are fully conceived and assembled in their buildings, dispatched on 500 m². 

Alpha Electronics' research and developments are made internally. They offer adapted solutions to each sector,  tailored to the need of the customer. Their  analytical skills and their experience regarding traffic signs confers them a flexibility and an authority on production, which ensures a quality and conformity label.

EN - Alpha Electronics
EN - Spie

SPIE is one of the big integrators of Belgium. The company has now been working for several years with Pulsar and has already used smart displays. SPIE has, among other things, contributed to improving the Smar-Dis software package.

SPIE is a company specialized in electrical, mechanical and climate engineering, energy, communications networks and infrastructure. They combine know-how and performance to deliver an optimal outcome on the whole range of technical services.

SPIE Belgium provides to its customers, on each of the markets, a global offer of multitechnical services that relies on their competence and expertise. 

The company gathers 13 facilities in Belgium and Luxembourg and 1500 staff members that are ready to take up your challenge. Proximity, proactivity, flexibility are their values. 

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