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Discover Smar-Dis with a vidéo !

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EN Divide your display

Do you need to display many information ? 
Do you need to divide your display area ?

Do you want to optimize the area at best  ?

With Smar-Dis, there is no limit !

Choose by yourself how to divide the display area of your screen. 

It will allow you to display many types of information, while keeping it crystal clear! 

Display area
Smart Display
EN - Video, texts, images

After choosing the way you want to divide your display area, choose what you want to show! 

Do you need texts to inform the citizens or tourists ? 

Do you need images for an easy understanding of your message ?

Do you need videos to draw attention and promote what you want to convey?

Why not benefiting of all those things on one single digital traffic sign ?

Smart Display | Smart City
EN - Complex structures

3. Display complex structures !

Parking Guidance
Car Flow Brussels

 What if the information you'd like to display is more complex than a simple text, image or video ? 

What if you have to manage :

- traffic information

- parking information  

No problem! Smar-Dis can receive and process complex information and allows you to display it on the diverse templates. 

Smar-Dis is compatible with other tools and softwares through its programmable interface. For example, the software P-PGI (Pulsar Parking Guidance and Information), allows gathering, processing and displaying in real time information about parking.

Do you want to use Smar-Dis to display complex information from your complex structures ? No worries, we can make Smar-Dis compatible with your systems/applications, realizing easily a specific connection module.  

Complex Structures
EN - Creae your structures

4. Create your own structures !

Do you want to display a new type of structure  ? 


We can make it !

You can create your own developments to meet all of your needs. 

You have an idea but you can't develop it internally ? Don't worry, just ask us! 

It will ensure a great sustainability and above all, a limitless personalisation !


Many models can be implemented ;

- Display meteo in real time

- Display bus timetables

- Display train schedules

- Display important flash news

- Open Data : Read information in the Datex 2 format !

Own structures
Own structures
EN - Plan in advance

5. Plan displays in advance !


What is smarter than a traffic sign that knows what needs to be displayed, even if you're not there ?

Thanks to the planning function, you can pre-program what your billboard has to display, and when. 

Plan your information display for days or weeks. What's more, you have the possibility to display an urgent information without changing the planning. 

The Smar-Dis system works autonomously 24/7 and displays what is organized in its planning module. 

Plan your display
EN - Manage remotely

6. Manage your displays remotely ! (Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow) 

Remotely management

An emergency to display ? 
A  modification to make ? 
Spare your time and adjust your displays remotely! 

Smar-Dis offers a web version that allows a distance management of the traffic signs. Wherever you are, you just need an internet access to supervise your displays! 

IOT module of electric tension control. In the event of a power failure, it preserves you from having to make an useless intervention on site. The digital display reboots automatically when the power is back. 

Monitoring system at distance.

EN - Convenient functions
7. Many convenient functions !

Do you need to display info in various languages  ?

Do you want to receive notification on various devices (phone, email, ... ) ?

Do you want to have a direct access to the report of your billboard ?

Do you need to configurate access limitation to ensure safe connections ?

Do you need various profiles and respective access rights ?

Smar-Dis can offer you all of this in its basic version! 

Other ideas of feature ? 

Contact-us ! 

EN - New technologies
8. Based on new technologies !

With our multiplatform software, you can take advantage of Smar-Dis in various technologies and with multiple ways of showing information. 

Windows and Linux operating systems for the embedded software in the display.

Cloud-based control based on .NET, C# and SQL server. 

Every major search engine on the market (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc) to remotely set the display information.

Use of IOT (LoRa and Sigfox) to notify remotely in case of power outage. 

EN - Partner
EN - Features


9. Choose all the features of your digital billboard !

on-street Display

- Indoor or outdoor ?

- Big or small ?

-  Withstanding extreme temperatures ? 

- Resistant to shocks and vandalism ?

- With Leds control ?

- With power control ?

- With electronic module control? (Thermometer, Conso-meter, LEDs matrix, Modem, command PC, etc ) ?

- Semi-dynamic or full-matrix ?

- Monochrome or color ?

Together, we can find the display that best fits your needs!

EN - Services






EN - About us

About us ... 



The Smar-Dis system was developed by the company Pulsar Consulting, located in Wavre (Belgium).

Pulsar Consulting is an ICT services company, active in B2B software development. Our goal is to help you enhance your company’s performances by using technological and innovative solutions, either by custom development or by supporting you in the choice, the implementation and in the maintenance of existing firmware/software.


With 20 years of experience, Pulsar Consulting can already count many projects with small and large companies. The company has experience in various sectors :

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